[Update 1] Alberta’s initiatives to restore Freedom of Religion take off


Key Developments:

  1. Faith Beyond Belief, an Alberta-based apologetics organization, announced “In One Accord” events for Calgary (November 6th) and Edmonton (November 9th). These two forums are designed to equip and empower Christians with speakers on the following relevant activities:
    • Legislating – the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom will discuss how Christians can work within the law, to defend their Biblical beliefs.
    • Educating – Parents for Choice for Education will discuss how topics of sexuality and gender are being presented to K-12 students in Alberta schools.
    • Exampling  – Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh, a pastor who helped draft BC’s West Coast Christian Accord (now called One Accord) will discuss how they are mobilizing Christians across Canada.
    • Equipping – Faith Beyond Belief will discuss our resources to equip Christians for everyday conversations
    • Cooperating – the Evangelical Office of the Public Square will discuss how Christians can work together to provide a unified voice for religious freedom in the public arena.
  2. A teleconference for the Alberta Freedom of Religion Initiative (AFORI) took place Friday afternoon on October 12, 2018 with six participants in the call. It began with the following prayer:

    Lord, we pray for total protection of freedoms for these Christian schools; That the pressure being brought to bear by the Alberta Department of Education will dissipate and disappear; That many more Albertans will stand up and be counted as Defenders of the Christian Faith; That our prayers will cause the Holy Spirit to make miracles happen in this great province of ours; That the plight of these schools and the fundamental freedom of religion that they are so valiantly defending will be brought to the attention of Christians all over Alberta and well beyond.; That Christians the world over will start praying that Freedom of Religion will be restored here in Alberta; That Almighty God will vanquish our enemies and allow the love of Christ to enter our schools, our classrooms, the hearts and minds of our teachers and administrators; That in the days to come a renewed spirit of learning will take root and Alberta schools will fundamentally shift from a victim mentality to a victorious frame of mind where God’s will becomes the cornerstone of every school in every city, every town and every county in this beautiful province of ours; That the people here participating in this call will be filled with the Holy Spirit to move our cause forward; That the items we are tasked with to accomplish will be done so with joy in our hearts; That when other Albertans witness our progress and our efforts to resist Satan’s sinister influence on our school systems they too will feel called upon to join our cause and bring back Christian values to our educational institutions; That we never lose sight of the love of God, to love our children, our teachers, our administrators and even the agents perpetrating religious oppression on behalf of our current government. Yes, Lord, we will pray especially hard for these misguided individuals. We do not condemn them, Lord, but we condemn their actions against these Christian schools. Lord, we pray you will be able to show them the error or their ways. Lord, two or three have gathered now in your name to effect change in our lands. We thank you, Almighty God, for the progress we have made thus far. Forgive us for not rallying sooner on this issue to defend and honour the awesome sacrifice of your son Jesus experienced for our salvation. Let this meeting move forward now. May our minds be clear and focused for the tasks at hand and that many more will step forward in the days to come to help bring our cause to a sweet and victorious conclusion. In Jesus’ oh-so-beautiful name, Amen!  

  3. Since that meeting we have assembled contact information for the majority of churches in Alberta and will begin contacting pastors, priests, and elders within each to:
    • Raise awareness of the plight of these schools to them and their congregations
    • Determine where each stands on the issue.
    • Discuss the possible impact this attack may have on Christians throughout the province if the Ministry of Education is successful in either censoring these schools or closing them down.
    • Record any public statements church leaders wish to place on record regarding these latest actions by Alberta’s education ministry.
    • Inform them of events taking place like ‘In One Accord’.
    • Help them to keep informed on further developments.
  4. Also following the meeting eleven more Christians have since stepped forward to assist. Thank you, Jesus! However, successfully reaching out to key members of every church in the province is a considerable challenge so more volunteers are still badly needed. In your own private moments with our Lord we ask you to pray a variant of the prayer above and that more saved souls will rise in defence of the right of every Albertan to speak freely the wisdom that God has entrusted with us.  Those interested in answering the call are encouraged to contact Vince Byfield at Vince.Byfield@chrias.org.
  5. Our next teleconference will take place Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 5:00 pm. Please pray for outstanding attendance and that in the coming weeks the power of the Holy Spirit will move societal mountains in this awesome province.

May God bless you all!

Vince Byfield

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