Christians Awake! The government has formally declared you its enemies


Abandon your faith or we’ll close down your schools, education deputy declares

Alberta’s NDP government has so far tried to appear as ‘capitalist-friendly socialists.’ Not any longer. Its latest vicious attack on more than 30 Christian schools comes right out of the playbook of that hard-core communist Karl Marx himself. In September 4, 2018 Deputy Minister of Education Curtis Clarke, began issuing threatening letters to independent schools that still dare to put in their school policies that the Bible is their authority and source of truth. Such references, he declares, are to be censored immediately. Mr. Clarke further bullies these schools with a solemn warning: failure to comply means no more funding and school closure. Some could be shut down as early as next week.

Ironically, Mr. Clarke has just done a great service to Christians. The NDP facade of a religiously-neutral government is now completely unmasked. Forcing these schools to effectively denounce their faith shows this government to be an open enemy to all Christians province-wide.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines. At the end of this article, I outline an action plan that I pray will put to a stop to this government persecution. Please join us in defending these schools and our faith.

So what exactly does Mr. Clarke find so objectionable to warrant such drastic measures as school closure? John Carpay, who heads up Canada’s Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, issued a press release identifying 15 examples that Mr. Clarke’s letter calls “unwelcoming, uncaring and disrespectful.” Here is a sample of the statements the deputy minister finds so contemptible:

  • “God created mankind as male and female, equal in dignity and worth, yet with distinct and complementary roles.”
  • “God’s institution of marriage, a covenant relationship between one man and one woman, is the sole environment within which sexual activity is permitted, and is the context in which children are to be raised.”
  • “Parents have been given the responsibility to raise their children, and are primary educators of their children.”
  • “The unchangeable and infallible truth of the Word of God.”

Why these statement are ‘discriminatory’ or who they discriminate against, Clarke’s letter fails to say. Dictionaries still primarily define ‘discriminate’ as a means to draw a distinction or to tell apart, but the mysterious world of leftist group-think has been perverting the word to mean ‘drawing an unjust or prejudicial distinction, especially on the grounds of race, sex or age.’ Conspicuously absent in this definition is discrimination based on religion.

It is quite likely that Clarke’s only image of Christianity is the twisted version often served up as factual by educational ideologues where Christians are portrayed as cold, uncaring parents applying dangerous and archaic doctrines on important matters like sex. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this government appears to have made no attempt at all to really understand the time-tested strategies encouraged by churches on the delicate issue of adolescent sexuality.

Whether these statements are indeed harmful to anyone is highly debatable. Christians obviously believe they are helpful to all concerned. But Mr. Clarke disagrees, and in a professed attempt to stop discrimination he has in reality issued a highly discriminatory, highly persecutive letter. It is such an affront to both international and Canadian human rights that Mr. Carpay, and his growing group of supporters, have no choice but to fight this government all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary. (You can aid Mr. Carpay in this crucial legal case here).

Mr. Clarke’s letter reveals a whole new level of contempt for Christians. After reading this, one thing should be crystal clear: doing nothing is no longer an option. Do you think this government will stop after they have finished off the homeschoolers and the Christian schoolers? Not at all. History shows that our continued inaction will only serve to embolden these aggressors to further human rights violations against more Christian groups. Who will they target next?

Now is the time for all Christian Albertans to come to the aid of their faith!

So what do we do about it? We need Christians, young and old, to step forward and raise the alarm throughout the province. We need a team of dedicated Albertans — drawn from every branch of the Christian tree — who are ready to reach out, both to God and to leaders of every church in Alberta.

Parts of the team will focus on all forms of intensive prayer, both personal and public. Others will contact pastors and priests throughout the province to raise awareness of the problem, encourage clergy to stand up for freedom of religion in all schools, and inform them of upcoming events being planned that provide critical information and guidance for both clergy and their congregations.

Last week 300 British Columbia evangelical pastors showed us the way by stepping forward to put their names to the West Coast Christian Accord which stands in favour of fundamental Christian values and against SOGI, their province’s sex education trainwreck.

Now is the time for Albertans to step up and show Canada how our Christian faith is the most fundamental freedom we cherish, and that we will staunchly defend our right to express that faith in our homes, our schools and on our streets.

I therefore encourage you to do your part by:

  • Forwarding and sharing this message to every Alberta Christian you know.
  • Sending an email to me ( ) and adding your name to our list of volunteers ready to help make this initiative a glorious success.
  • Subscribing to We will be keeping you up to date with regular progress reports included in our weekly issue.
  • Praying to God that He will turn the tide and help us restore common sense to our province’s classrooms.

Do not to delay. The stakes are very high now.

In the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may the mighty power of the Holy Spirit descend upon us, fill us with wisdom, love, compassion and energy to support these schools in their important struggle to defend God’s Truth. Almighty Father, let us taste the sweetness of victory in this most noble cause. Amen.

Vince Byfield
A Concerned Alberta Christian Parent

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